Top 5 Reasons To Study Abroad In Oxford, England

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University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world. With a history of teaching scholars as early as the 11th century, Oxford is one of the oldest surviving universities of the world. With a history going back so many centuries, Oxford is the pride of the UK. A National Student Survey conducted in 2010, reported an overall satisfaction rating of 93 percent. There are countless reasons why you should consider applying for an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Oxford; its diversified culture, its ancient customs and its academic excellence.

We discuss the top 5 reasons here that make Oxford the number one choice for students all over the world:

1.Diversified study environment

With International students making up more than a quarter of the total student enrolment, Oxford is among the top choices for studying abroad. With a student population of almost twenty thousand, it is believed that students from more than 130 countries across the world come here for their graduation. With almost 15 percent of its undergraduate students being non-UK citizens, the university makes extra efforts to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. They help you find people matching your academic and social interests so that you can get comfortable in the presence of new friends and start your studies with a relaxed frame of mind.


2.Best employment opportunities

A degree from Oxford is one of the best reputed degrees in the world; the employment rate of its graduates is wonderful. If you are an Oxford Graduate; you will be sure to easily find a good job anywhere in the world. The university also offers a career guide and search service to help its students find their dream jobs. Prospective employers know that a degree from this prestigious institute would not only have enhanced your subject skills but also given you in-depth understanding of your chosen field.

3.Students admitted on merit

Oxford encourages all students to apply for admission to its prestigious colleges. There are many scholarships available for the talented students who cannot afford to pay for the study abroad program by themselves. The Oxford Opportunity Bursary ensures that no deserving student is denied the opportunity to join this institution because of financial constraints.

4.Lectures by the leaders of their fields

One great advantage of studying in Oxford is its highly qualified faculty members. Many of its faculty members are pioneers in their fields and to attend the classes of such illustrious professors will ensure that students gain a better understanding of concepts. The interaction with these experts will also inspire and motivate the students to work harder for achieving their goals.

5.Students facilities and campus activities

There are many facilities available to the students at Oxford including housing in residence halls, excursion trips, sports facilities, world-class libraries and fully-equipped modern laboratories and computer rooms. Some programs also provide a cell-phone for use by the students; the service charges are to be borne by the students. Internet access is usually free on campus. There are so many different societies and clubs which remain active throughout the year. You will easily be able to find some activities that will keep you occupied when you have some time to spare from studies.

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