May 27, 2024

Private Schools Focus on Personal Development to Create Love for Learning


Clara McCleen

Why Parents Choice of Private Schools Has Changed Lives.

While the major focus at most private schools is to get your child ready for college, your child s personal maturation and development go hand in hand with that academic preparation. That way, your child will emerge from your school with both a degree and some great purpose for his or her life and understanding of he or she is.


At private schools, like Mission Viejo s Carden Academy, the method of instruction awakens each student s natural desire to learn, and equips him or her with a sound foundation of academic skills and knowledge. A student’s positive school experience encourages them to develop their innate power to think and reason clearly, and to make good value judgments.

One former Carden Academy student supported the results from private school attendance and said, Besides the high standard of academic excellence, Carden taught me to have confidence in myself and to always strive to be the best that I can be. When armed with these qualities, it is nearly impossible to fail. Because of the lessons I learned at Carden I continue to push and challenge myself and to never doubt myself even when a task seems overwhelming. I shall be forever grateful to my parents for sending me to Carden Academy.

The best private schools advocate that self-discipline, self-confidence, and stamina are requisite to educational progress, and that these qualities can be brought forth in a child’s character through the careful teaching of key subjects and the development of positive attitudes. This foundation will enable him to proceed with confidence and success through a lifetime of education.

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Clara McCleen is an expert on child education and related academic initiatives. She shares her expertise with several

private schools in California

, particularly

elementary schools in Orange County

. Currently she is associated with The Carden Academy in Mission Viejo where she is involved in preparing a congenial ambience for the children so that they can nuture their natural talents along with acheiving

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Private Schools Focus on Personal Development to Create Love for Learning