Private Schools Focus On Personal Development To Create Love For Learning

Private Schools Focus on Personal Development to Create Love for Learning


Clara McCleen

Why Parents Choice of Private Schools Has Changed Lives.

While the major focus at most private schools is to get your child ready for college, your child s personal maturation and development go hand in hand with that academic preparation. That way, your child will emerge from your school with both a degree and some great purpose for his or her life and understanding of he or she is.


At private schools, like Mission Viejo s Carden Academy, the method of instruction awakens each student s natural desire to learn, and equips him or her with a sound foundation of academic skills and knowledge. A student’s positive school experience encourages them to develop their innate power to think and reason clearly, and to make good value judgments.

One former Carden Academy student supported the results from private school attendance and said, Besides the high standard of academic excellence, Carden taught me to have confidence in myself and to always strive to be the best that I can be. When armed with these qualities, it is nearly impossible to fail. Because of the lessons I learned at Carden I continue to push and challenge myself and to never doubt myself even when a task seems overwhelming. I shall be forever grateful to my parents for sending me to Carden Academy.

The best private schools advocate that self-discipline, self-confidence, and stamina are requisite to educational progress, and that these qualities can be brought forth in a child’s character through the careful teaching of key subjects and the development of positive attitudes. This foundation will enable him to proceed with confidence and success through a lifetime of education.

To learn more about private elementary education for your child and how it can change their life, visit or call (949) 458-1776.

Clara McCleen is an expert on child education and related academic initiatives. She shares her expertise with several

private schools in California

, particularly

elementary schools in Orange County

. Currently she is associated with The Carden Academy in Mission Viejo where she is involved in preparing a congenial ambience for the children so that they can nuture their natural talents along with acheiving

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Private Schools Focus on Personal Development to Create Love for Learning

Baur Group Says Goodbye To 38 Trainees

By Lisa Wand

In the past few months 38 young people were able to finish their training in Baur Group companies. Thirty of them completed their training or dual courses of study at Baur Versand. They were trained to become photographers, warehouse specialists, informatics specialists and media designers, amongst other things. The young people who completed a dual course of study specialised in trade, textile management and sales management. Eight former trainees studied at Baur Fulfillment Solutions and can now call themselves “businessmen and women for dialogue marketing.”

According to tradition, Baur director Albert Klein, personnel manager Sabine Kratochwil, head instructor Max-Josef Weismeier and spokeswoman for training Doreen Nagel invited the former trainees to the restaurant Nepomuk in Altenkunstadt. Here, they congratulated them on their successfully completed training and presented them with training certificates and lovingly packed gifts. In an emotional speech manager Albert Klein stressed that a new phase was now starting in the lives of the former trainees in which they can prove that in the past few years they studied not for school but for life. Furthermore, many of them will find employment in the Baur Group. Some will also leave the company, for example to pursue further studies.


“The Baur Group was extremely happy with the 2012 training graduates,” head instructor Max-Josef Weismeier proudly explains. He adds, “with their training the former trainees have laid a solid foundation that will be the starting point for so many successful carriers.”

Training was successfully completed at Baur Versand by Ana Carolina Alex, Katharina Baierl, Eva Grasser, Kathrin Lindner, Bettina Weber, Carina Wittmann (all dual studies), Lena Schlawne, Oliver Andert, Pinar Kayalar (businessmen and women in retail), Robert Bernhart, Lisa Dinkel, Stefanie Rsner (all specialists in warehouse logistics), Moritz Dautel, Florian Funk, Nicole Viessmann (all warehouse specialists), Judith Hojer, Romina Uhrlau, Natascha Bittner (all photographers), Sonja Fiedler, Stefan Gagel, Manuela Moosleitner, Lisa Schtz (all businessmen and women in wholesale and export trade), Bjrn Erlwein, Sven Herrmannsdrfer, Matthias Knitt, Danny Wessels (all informatics specialists), Nicole Buhl (businesswoman in marketing communication), Kristina Barthold, Julia Hofmann and Clarissa Reinhardt (all media designers).

Roman Brumm, Stefanie Dreel, Kornelia Lieb, Vildan Pracic, Verena Renner, Loisa Skalitzky, Helena Snow and Nina Zcklein were able to successfully complete their training as businessmen and women in dialogue marketing. Simone Snkel, the BFS training commissioner, celebrates with them.

About the Baur Group

As a member of the worldwide active Otto Group, the Baur Group consists of 12 central companies and brands with a focus on commerce and commerce-related services. This includes, for example, Baur Versand, Baur Fulfillment Solutions, I’m walking, mirapodo and the Kaufhaus Kaufwelt Baur. The Baur Group has a total of about 4,500 employees. The headquarters are located in Burgkunstadt, in Upper Franconia. The Baur Group is active in Austria and Switzerland via its subsidiary Unito with brand names such as Universal, Otto sterreich, Quelle sterreich, Quelle Schweiz and Ackermann. The external sales of the entire Baur group were about 616 mil. Euro (IFRS standard) in the 2010/2011 financial year.

About the Author: Dr. Jrg Hoepfner is the spokesman of the Baur Versand (GmbH & Co KG) A member of the otto group Mail: Tel.: 09572 / 91 30 20 Fax: 09572 / 91 11 30 20 Bahnhofstrae 10 96224 Burgkunstadt

BAUR Group says goodbye to 38 trainees


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Top 5 Reasons To Study Abroad In Oxford, England

Submitted by: Saba Salim

University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world. With a history of teaching scholars as early as the 11th century, Oxford is one of the oldest surviving universities of the world. With a history going back so many centuries, Oxford is the pride of the UK. A National Student Survey conducted in 2010, reported an overall satisfaction rating of 93 percent. There are countless reasons why you should consider applying for an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Oxford; its diversified culture, its ancient customs and its academic excellence.

We discuss the top 5 reasons here that make Oxford the number one choice for students all over the world:

1.Diversified study environment

With International students making up more than a quarter of the total student enrolment, Oxford is among the top choices for studying abroad. With a student population of almost twenty thousand, it is believed that students from more than 130 countries across the world come here for their graduation. With almost 15 percent of its undergraduate students being non-UK citizens, the university makes extra efforts to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. They help you find people matching your academic and social interests so that you can get comfortable in the presence of new friends and start your studies with a relaxed frame of mind.


2.Best employment opportunities

A degree from Oxford is one of the best reputed degrees in the world; the employment rate of its graduates is wonderful. If you are an Oxford Graduate; you will be sure to easily find a good job anywhere in the world. The university also offers a career guide and search service to help its students find their dream jobs. Prospective employers know that a degree from this prestigious institute would not only have enhanced your subject skills but also given you in-depth understanding of your chosen field.

3.Students admitted on merit

Oxford encourages all students to apply for admission to its prestigious colleges. There are many scholarships available for the talented students who cannot afford to pay for the study abroad program by themselves. The Oxford Opportunity Bursary ensures that no deserving student is denied the opportunity to join this institution because of financial constraints.

4.Lectures by the leaders of their fields

One great advantage of studying in Oxford is its highly qualified faculty members. Many of its faculty members are pioneers in their fields and to attend the classes of such illustrious professors will ensure that students gain a better understanding of concepts. The interaction with these experts will also inspire and motivate the students to work harder for achieving their goals.

5.Students facilities and campus activities

There are many facilities available to the students at Oxford including housing in residence halls, excursion trips, sports facilities, world-class libraries and fully-equipped modern laboratories and computer rooms. Some programs also provide a cell-phone for use by the students; the service charges are to be borne by the students. Internet access is usually free on campus. There are so many different societies and clubs which remain active throughout the year. You will easily be able to find some activities that will keep you occupied when you have some time to spare from studies.

About the Author: Im an internet marketing and social media strategist. I help businesses come to forefront online and get noticed by their target audiences

is a great place to get you started on your study abroad quest. Check out their destinations and available programs on their website. Hundreds of students have used this site as their guide when it comes to study abroad.


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Flash Animation Development And Its Advantages

Flash animation development and its advantages



Flash animation is the animation software that is used for the creation of the file format with a certain kind of the movement and visual style. Flash animation software allows facilitates the multimedia operation and is very common in the websites today. Flash animation presents the flash movie, flash action and script and it allows great interactivity and friendless to the users. Flash animation provides the websites with an attracted and colorful websites. It presents the appealing visually that make the users to use the websites with wide features and applications.

The flash animation websites are very easy to use and it also gives preference to major search engines which automatically increases the traffic to the websites. Some searching engines optimizes the flash animation websites which give greater connectivity and interactivity. Flash animation makes the websites more vibrant and creates interactive navigation in the websites that make the visitors to entertain during the browsing of the web-pages without any problem.

Flash animation advantages1) Creation of new pages

Flash animation is uses for the creation and design of the new web pages which give the users more connectivity with smooth flow of the information. The flash animations get some input from the visitors of the websites making them to stay with the website for longer times.


2) The interactive navigation

The flash animation create the interactive navigation in the website that makes the users to entertain themselves for longer times and it makes the use of the applications very easy for the use. With the help of flash navigation you can use a number of the web-pages from the website at one time with greater speed.

3) Makes sites live

Flash animation gives the websites a new look with live features and highlights various important things that are necessary for you. The flash animation makes the sites to come alive rather than the use of texts and images which makes the sites to look dull and dead. Flash animation highlights those things which are important and which give information beneficial to you.

Flash animation designer

Flash animation designers create the content of the websites like animations, movies, games, animated menus and other flash animations that can be easily understood by the users. The flash animation designers create the animations by using the HTML pages as menus, website layouts or the movie layouts. This enables the creation of attracted presentations, flash pages, quizzes, short courses and other multimedia tools for the websites. The flash animation designers are professionally trained to create the powerful software and design of animations and multimedia content.

Flash animations development

Flash animation development has revolutionized the e-commerce and makes the use of applications more easy and beneficial. Flash animation development provide the real-time animations for the website and provide the users more features than the websites that use only text and images. Flash animation development have lead to the flash banner design, flash template design, multimedia flash presentation, flash logo design and 2D character animations which are very helpful in making the websites more informative and attractive. Flash animation development shows the products in visual prototype. It designs off the web-pages and creates a 3D environment which understands the needs of the users.

We, at Cisin, provide the attractive solutions for your Web Animation needs. We have quality

Flash designer

to fulfill total requirements of clients. They are having good experience in the field of

Flash animation development

Reason being, web requires smooth and quality flash animation to catch the visitor or leads, with optimize file sizes for not waiting too long.

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