Sciatica Causes And Symptoms Back Pain Sciatica Treatment That Works

Sciatica is the pain which is related with the area of hip and buttocks and even it continues all the way down the leg. The condition of sciatica pain is often accompanied by the problem of low back pain which may be more or less painful than the leg pain. In this condition of sciatica, the cause of the pain is the sciatica nerve which travels from the lower back through the buttocks and into the leg. In the condition of true sciatica, herniated lumbar disc compresses one of the contributing roots of the sciatic nerve. This type of lower back pain is not similar to the other causes and condition which results in back pain. Some of the activities like sports, recreational and heavy labor can result into back and leg pain and usually it is misdiagnosed as sciatica.Some of the most common symptom of true sciatica is posterior thigh, foot pain or lower leg. Sometimes this condition and symptoms may be much worse than accompanying lower back pain. In this condition, usually a patient will experience moderate to severe pain, which starts from buttocks and runs down through the leg or foot. In the condition of true sciatica, the pain is produced and radiates beyond the knee. If the patient is suffering from the problem of leg pain and if he or she has a previous history of lower back pain then in this condition the leg pain becomes worse than the back pain and in some cases it will even disappear completely.In the condition of long standing history of sciatica, gradually the pain becomes localized to the buttocks and back of the leg. In this condition the patient may suffer from vague aching pain. No specific condition, event or specific motion is associated with the cause of sciatica. Some postures like sitting, standing, sneezing, heavy lifting or even the bowel movement can aggravate the pain. Usually the most comfortable position in this condition is lying down. Some of its rare symptoms are paresthesias, weakness and diminished bowel or bladder function which may accompany the problem of sciatica.Usually many patients recover from the problem of sciatica spontaneously but some people are in urgent need of medical help. Those people have to offer a course of conservative treatment which includes a long period of rest and also the limitation to certain activities which is accompanied by anti-inflammatory medications. Physical therapy, some exercises and surgery are some other option to recover from this disorder.

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