Moving To Your New Abode A New Life Feng Shui

By Amy F. Goodmann

The move to a new home or office is exciting. It holds promise for all kinds of new experiences and opportunities. We may well think in advance that new space will not have much impact on the lives or us and loved ones. But think again. Once we occupy a different space in the universe our lives and events are inextricably changed that is hopefully for the better. It is as if different geography affects our very karma.

What to do? First of all it is most important to start with a clean slate. There is something drawing and inviting about a new place. It is like a vacuum waiting to suck in all the adjacent influences. We can see this opening as the very spirit of our own potentialities.

This is what makes moving into a new space so vital and important in itself. Exploit the vastness of this potential to its very core. Get into the right mold by making actual conscious as well as the resulting ‘intuitive’ ‘ that it just feels right ‘ subconscious choices as well. Moving in a deliberate thoughtful manner will help you to make sure that good karma comes and remains. Feng Shui.

First of pack early and pack often. Get started as soon as the moment you know events are chain. Secondly you should clean as you go. Clean your items before you pack them. Not everything is meant to be moved. A good rule of thumb is that if you have not used the item in the last year you are unlikely to use it in the next year. Donate or trash what you do not keep. Someone else at the local value village may be just thrilled at your throwaway. As for sentimental items best to keep only those items that impart good memories. The others – why let them drag you down.


You will need packing supplies. Plan ahead to buy on sale. Packing tape, duct tape, scissors and exacto knives are always necessary. You can never have enough boxes when you need them. Plan for double the amount of cardboard boxes you need.

You may want to hire a professional services to clean the space ahead of time or you do it yourself if funds are limited. A good time frame is 2 to 3 days ahead of the move in.

What else can you do to Feng Shui your move? Prepare your move with welcoming items for the new home such as beautiful flowers or plants, music and special items to make you feel welcome and loved.

Next you can buy new mops and brooms. Why sweep away the past with the past.

A new life needs all the help and the less drag it can afford.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of picking the correct date for your new move. With a suitable Feng Shui astrological calendar pick a suitable personal Feng Shui moving date.

Lastly be ready for that big day. Prepare your arrival. Buy your house a gift. Have all your legal papers including your closing real estate documents or lease. Make sure you have a first meal there with friends and family whose company you enjoy.

Stand at the threshold of your new home. Enter that threshold. Open the door and begin your new life full of all its potential and vitality. Feng Shui your new home.

About the Author: Amy F. Goodmann

Senior analyst


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