June 25, 2024

By Levi Quinn

Getting the first car as a teenager is among the most exhilarating experiences in a teenager’s life. Unfortunately, though, most teenagers will usually not have a sleek new-looking car as their first rides. Since the teenager will likely get a car that is a bit old or second-hand, chances are that you want to have the car supped up a little bit to make it look presentable. There are many gadgets and car accessories on the market that can give that old car a nice finish that will leave passersby taking a second and possibly a third glance at what they have done to the car. Some of these add-ons are relatively cheap and can be bought using the meager monthly allowances.

One of the coolest gadgets that will add some life to the old ride is the audio gear road trips. These wireless FM transmitters will make car CD changers look obsolete. These add-ons are capable of scanning and tuning to the clearest FM station within range. In addition, they can be connected wirelessly to an iPod. It makes it not only easy to play iPod music in the car but also allows a rapid charging of the iPod. Of course, everybody wants LCD screens in the car. Some LCD screens come with portable DVD players making them excellent additions to the car’s entertainment. A good portable DVD player will usually have a number of screens that can be positioned throughout the car. However, on a teenager’s budget, going for one LCD screen is enough.


Another of the cool additions is installing a scrolling license plate frame. These gadgets allow a person to personalize up to five messages using a wireless remote controller. Thus, one can tell the driver behind them about their favorite sports team or even advertise an upcoming event or business to other motorists. One can do so many wild things with this addition. It is like changing the mood on the road and letting the people around know about it. This amazing plate frame can be bought for less that $70. Other additions can also be placed around the license plate to make it look more glamorous.

A car’s audio system will likely be the most outstanding feature of any car. From a distance, it will alert everyone that a smart car is coming his or her way. There are many units on the market that offer stability and endurance to a car’s audio. The two most common speaker systems for a car are Kenwood and Pioneer sound systems. The options of playback are numerous. Pricing is largely based on the number of options a system will have. Most of the speakers from these two manufacturers have proven their worth on the market. Combined with the LCD functionality, these sound systems are definitely worth the investment to put into them. Having a plug power inverter will make the addition of the above and other devices not only easier but also safe while on the road. With less than $200, a teenager can make their car look new again.

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