Know The Pros And Cons Of Plastic Surgery Before Engaging A Houston Plastic Surgeon

Know the Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery Before Engaging A Houston Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Ben Cilento

If you are living in the Houston area and thinking about engaging a Houston plastic surgeon to correct either a real or perceived flaw, you should reflect long and hard about the pros and cons of plastic surgery.

When performed well by an expert Houston plastic surgeon, plastic surgery can change your life for the better. However, if you have unrealistic expectations about cosmetic surgery, you should avoid setting yourself up for a grand disappointment.

So, before you do a plastic surgeon Houston Web search, think about these points:

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1. Some plastic surgery is absolutely necessary to restore your normal looks. If you have been in an accident, for instance, that left you deformed in some way, don t hesitate to contact a Houston plastic surgeon. Even if you think that the flaw is minor, a skilled

Houston plastic surgeon

can have you looking as good as new for a price that might surprise you.

2. If you have a physical flaw that has hurt your self-confidence for years, you should consider having cosmetic surgery. A plastic surgeon Houston can make a slight addition or scrape off a slight excess and perhaps change your confidence level forever. Who knows where that might lead? It could change your entire persona and lead to increased personal and professional success. Here s a good test: if you notice a flaw in your appearance every time that you look in the mirror and wince when you see it, you might be a prime candidate for cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, if you simply want a different nose because you want to look like the hottest pop star of the moment, hold off on surgery.

3. You might have a physical feature that many would consider a blessing, but it is causing you pain or mental agony. An example of this is a woman with breasts that are extremely large. Although some women would love to have larger breasts, they often do not know about the back pain that can accompany large breasts, or the constant unwanted attention that an overly developed chest might attract. In this case, breast reduction surgery by a reputed Houston plastic surgeon might be a wise choice.

4. As you consider plastic surgery, do not forget that recovery from this major operation will not be pain-free or quick. Some work done by a plastic surgeon Houston can take up to six months to fully recover from, so plan time into your schedule to simply rest and heal. If you are unable to devote any time to recovery, then cosmetic surgery is not for you.

5. Another warning sign that plastic surgery might not be in your future is if you have unrealistic expectations about the results. If you think that a facelift will solve all of your interpersonal issues with men, then you are mistaken. Likewise, if you think that you will look like Angelina Jolie after spending an hour on the table under the knife of a Houston plastic surgeon, you might also be disappointed. A good way to avoid this type of unreal hope is to look at before-and-after photos of people that have had your operation. Then, you can have a realistic idea of what you will look like after a plastic surgeon Houston finishes his/her work.

Dr. Ben Cilento is a well known

Plastic Surgeon Houston

as well as good author writing articles about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery which helps patient to improve the way of look and feel about their appearance through plastic surgery, minimally invasive procedures and non-surgical treatments like plastic surgeons in Houston and Rhinoplasty.

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Former ‘Top Model’ contestant Whitney Cunningham defends plus size models, celebrates the “regular woman”

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Once you get a chance to talk to West Palm Beach, Florida native Whitney Cunningham, who placed seventh on the eighth cycle of the popular reality TV series America’s Next Top Model, you begin to understand what host Tyra Banks meant when she described her as the “full package.”

First of all, she is confident and headstrong, which is a must on these kinds of shows, almost as much as it is to take a beautiful modelesque picture. Second, she turns that confidence into drive. She has been receiving steady work as a model since leaving the show, and still believes that her goal of being the first woman to wear a size ten dress on the cover of Vogue is in reach. Third, and probably most important to television viewers, she obliterates the age-old model stereotype that to be pretty and photograph well, one must also be vapid and without a thought. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Cunningham also dreams of becoming a writer, and is working toward dual goals: a model who can express herself like no other model before her.

Cunningham recently sat down with Wikinews reporter Mike Halterman in an impassioned interview, taking hours to field questions from the reporter as well as from fans of America’s Next Top Model. Always in high spirits, Cunningham shows that she is a distinct personality who has carved her own niche in the Top Model history books. At the same time, she exhibits a joie de vivre that is oddly reminiscent of earlier Top Model fan favorite Toccara Jones, who showed America just how to be “big, black, beautiful and loving it.” However, Cunningham is quick to remind everyone that she isn’t big at all; she is simply a regular woman.

This is the first in a series of interviews with America’s Next Top Model contestants. Interviews will be published sporadically.

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Ex-US soldier sentenced to life in prison for Iraqi teen rape, four murders

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A former US soldier has been sentenced to life in prison for raping a teen and murdering her and her family while on active duty in Iraq. The jury failed to reach the unanimous verdict required for the death penalty sought by the prosecution.

[…] if I had never gone to Iraq I would never have got caught up in anything like this

According to testimony given by two soldiers, Steven Dale Green was part of a group who decided they wanted to rape a girl they had seen walking through her village, 14-year-old Abeer Qassim al-Janabi. They walked to her house while disguised as insurgents and separated her from her parents and younger sister.

Green then shot dead Abeer’s family while two other soldiers raped the girl. He then raped her himself while she wept before covering her face with a pillow and fatally shooting her. The gang then covered her naked body with a blanket soaked in kerosene, using a lighter to start a fire before walking 200 yards to a nearby checkpoint where they cooked a meal.

Green had already been discharged from the army when his crimes were discovered. He had previously spoken of a desire to murder Iraqi civilians and his defence argued he should never have been allowed to return to duty. A nurse had decided he would not carry out his desires. A US civilian court tried him, the first such prosecution of a soldier under a law allowing servicemen to be charged with crimes carried out abroad.

The judge described his actions as “unimaginable, unjustified and inexcusable” and sentenced him to five consecutive life sentences without possibility of parole. Four others had already been sentenced. Three are all serving life with parole after ten years, and a fourth who acted as a lookout is serving a 27-month sentence.

It took months for the offences to be discovered, even though Green had quickly confessed to a sergeant. Soldiers speaking to stress counsellors talked of the crimes after the abduction and murders of two other soldiers. When news of the soldiers’ actions broke, insurgents killed several American servicemen in revenge.

The prosecution described Green as “criminal and perverse” while the defence called him a “broken warrior.” Green said he was acting upon orders from former Specialist Paul Cortez, another of the attackers, and told the court “Y’all can act like I’m a psychopath or a sexual predator or whatever. But if I had never gone to Iraq I would never have got caught up in anything like this.”

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CanadaVOTES: NDP candidate Paul Arbour in Carleton—Mississippi Mills

Friday, October 10, 2008

In an attempt to speak with as many candidates as possible during the 2008 Canadian federal election, Wikinews has talked via email with Paul Arbour. Arbour is a candidate in Ontario’s Carleton—Mississippi Mills riding, running under the New Democratic Party (NDP) banner.

The riding is currently represented by Gordon O’Connor, a Conservative. The Minister of National Revenue, O’Connor is up against the NDP’s Arbour, Liberal Justin Mackinnon, and Green Jake Cole. Previous MPs in the riding were Progressive Conservative, Liberal, and Canadian Alliance members. A riding since 1988, Carleton—Mississippi Mills is in the Capital region.

The following is an interview with Arbour, conducted via email. The interview has had very limited editing, to eliminate in-text mentions of website addresses, but is otherwise left exactly as sent to Wikinews.

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California Workers Comp Rate Guarantee

By Dennis Jarvis

Granted, we help California companies find, quote, and secure Workers Comp every day but we’re also a California business ourselves. Conversely, we need to have our own benefits in terms of health insurance and liability insurance such as Workers Comp ourselves. We’re very well versed in company insurance but other facets of protecting our business is completely foreign to us (billing systems, etc). We face the same issue that California companies run into when shopping for Workers Comp insurance in California. How do we know we are securing the best rate for the best coverage. We don’t personally have a relative or friend in those businesses. Luckily we have found trusted advisors (after some definite dead-ends we won’t discuss) who help us in these various business related purchases and our goal is simple…make sure to get the best rate on the market for solid coverage that actually works when needed. Here’s our rate guarantee.

We promise the best rate with each carrier for company’s Workers Comp

You will not find a better rate on the California workers comp market from a given carrier based on your company’s situation. Workers Comp agencies or providers do not discount pricing so you can rest assured that you are getting the best rate available. That’s the first piece of our best Workers Comp rate guarantee…an implicit promise that we secure the best rates from any given carriers but that’s only half of the promise.

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We will quote multiple carriers against each other all from one form

Some agents will only shop your rates to one carrier and of course, a single carrier will only quote their rates. As with all insurance, the power of using a Workers Comp agent like us is that we shop across multiple carriers..generally up to 3 carriers simultaneously. To not do so is to pay too much potentially and that minimizes our potential power to save you money. For this reason, we quote multiple strong carriers and present the best rate offer. Keep in mind that the actual coverage or benefits for California Workers Comp insurance is virtually identical so pricing and carrier strength/claims processing become the critical concerns.

We will help you develop a Workers Comp track record that leads to future savings

There’s another huge reason to quote multiple carriers when applicable (a company qualify for private coverage) which pertains to a quirk of Workers Comp in California. Different carriers have certain “sweet spots” of pricing depending on the type of industry you’re in and your claims experience. Some carriers will price certain industries very high while offering discounts for others. There’s no way to know which is which without years of experience. We’ll be able to look at your company’s industry and present/past worker’s comp status to find the best fit for quoting insurance. Even if we’re just dealing with the State Fund for newer companies or riskier industries, the pricing is the same to you but we can help you navigate the process and craft a worker’s comp history that might open up the less expensive private market to us later on. You can use our expertise to address safety practices and standards that pave the way to future savings once we have a solid track record. We don’t want to just quote you Workers Comp…we want to help you qualify for better rates going forward. That’s what we consider as being a partner and our solid rate guarantee detailed above wouldn’t be complete without it.

About the Author: Dennis Jarvis is a licensed

California Workers Comp insurance

agent with extensive knowledge of the California workers comp market.

quote California workers comp insurance


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Apple releases new Magic Trackpad, updated iMacs and Mac Pros

Friday, July 30, 2010

On Tuesday, Apple Inc. introduced a new peripheral, the Magic Trackpad, and refreshed its line of iMac and Mac Pro computers, as well as the Apple Cinema Display.

The Magic Trackpad, a multi-touch trackpad for Macintosh computers, allows end users to use certain gestures to control on-screen actions. It supports gestures already seen on the MacBook and MacBook Pro trackpads, as well as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, such as swiping, tap-to-click, and pinch-to-zoom. However, the Magic Trackpad also supports physical clicking and supports one- and two-button commands. The Magic Trackpad, which is retailed for US$69, connects wirelessly to a computer using Bluetooth technology and has a claimed four months of battery life. At 5.17 inches (13.13 centimetres) long and 5.12 inches (13 centimetres) wide, the glass and aluminium device is slightly larger than Apple’s laptop trackpads.

In addition to the Magic Trackpad, Apple also began selling the US$29 Apple Battery Charger accessory, a charger pack with six rechargeable batteries usable in the Magic Trackpad, Apple Wireless Keyboard, and Apple Magic Mouse. Apple claims that the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries can last up to ten years before they lose their ability to hold a charge. The Magic Trackpad uses two AA batteries, and can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.6.4.

Another major announcement that came on Tuesday was the first iMac update since last fall. The update included mostly internal upgrades, giving consumers a choice of newer Intel processors: the dual-core Core i3 and Core i5, and the quad-core Core i5 and Core i7. In addition, the SD card slot was expanded to allow support for the Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC) format. The iMac is still available at 21.5-inch (54.61-centimetre) and 27-inch (68.58-centimetre) display options, but has upgraded graphics cards as well. The screens use in-plane switching (IPS) technology, allowing for a greater viewing angle. The base model is still priced at US$1,199.

Apple’s line of Mac Pro computers were also given a refresh on Tuesday. Consumers now have the option to purchase a Mac Pro with twelve processing cores, using two six-core Intel Xeon processors. Four-, six-, and eight-core options are still available. The update also includes the choice of adding up to four, 512GB solid state drives, instead of conventional hard drives. The base model is priced at US$2,499 and will be sold starting in August.

Apple also released a new, 27-inch (68.58 centimetre) LED Cinema Display, a 60 percent increase in display area from the older 24-inch (60.96 centimetres) Cinema Display. The new monitor can reach a resolution of 2560-by-1440 pixels, or Wide Quad High Definition, and has a built-in microphone, webcam, speakers, USB hub, and ambient light sensor, which changes the display’s brightness based on external lighting levels. It is priced at US$999 but will not be available for purchase until September.

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CanadaVOTES: NDP candidate Hana Razga running in Edmonton—Leduc

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On October 14, 2008, Canadians will be heading to the polls for the federal election. New Democratic Party candidate Hana Razga is standing for election in the riding of Edmonton—Leduc. Born in London, England to Czechoslovakian parents, she immigrated to Canada in 1968, having a long career in human resources with the federal government. She is a volunteer for organizations including the Alberta Women’s Shelter, Big Sisters and Match International. She has previously run in campaigns three times provincially for the NDP, and once federally.

Wikinews contacted Hana Razga, to talk about the issues facing Canadians, and what they and their party would do to address them. Wikinews is in the process of contacting every candidate, in every riding across the country, no matter their political stripe. All interviews are conducted over e-mail, and interviews are published unedited, allowing candidates to impart their full message to our readers, uninterrupted.

Created in 2004, the riding consists of southwest Edmonton, the City of Leduc, the Town of Devon, and the surrounding area. Contesting Conservative incumbent James Rajotte are Razga, Valerie Kennedy (Green), and Donna Lynn Smith (Liberal).

For more information, visit the campaign’s official website, listed below.

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Britain thinks Africans are barbaric, claims South African President

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, claimed Britain believed Africa is “barbaric”, hours before a state visit to Queen Elizabeth II. These claims were made after the Daily Mail described him as a “sex-obsessed bigot and vile buffoon.”

Zuma accused Britons of considering themselves to be culturally superior owing to their past colonial activities. “When the British came to our country they said everything we did was barbaric, was wrong, inferior in whatever way. Bear in mind that I’m a freedom fighter and I fought to free myself, also for my culture to be respected. And I don’t know why they are continuing thinking that their culture is more superior than others, those who might have said so,” stated Zuma in an African newspaper.

According to him, he had never “looked down upon any culture of anyone” and that no one has the authority of judging other cultures. Zuma added, “The British have done that before, as they colonised us, and they continue to do this, and it’s an unfortunate thing. If people want an engagement, I’m sure we will engage on that issue.”

The President’s comments were published in a local private newspaper. Zuma, who has three current wives, made these comments after arriving in Britain with Thobeka Madiba, 38, his third wife.

The Queen will welcome them at the Horse Guards Parade and take them to Buckingham Palace thereafter. A state banquet will also be held in his honor at the palace, where he is set to spend two nights.

Zuma, a member of the Zulu tribe, was compelled to make a public apology following a love child with the daughter of a friend. This incident triggered the articles in Daily Mail and Daily Mirror which attacked Zuma.

Bear in mind that I’m a freedom fighter and I fought to free myself, also for my culture to be respected. And I don’t know why they are continuing thinking that their culture is more superior than others, those who might have said so.

Zuma, whose state trip includes meetings with Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, as well as a speech to members of parliament, plans to continue with the visit. This was confirmed by officials today.

Vincent Magwenya, Zuma’s spokesman said the incident would have no impact in Zuma’s trip.

Magwenya stated: “Mr Zuma is in the UK for wide-ranging programme of substantial and serious issues. The comments he made were not aimed at the British public in general but at certain sections of the media which have lambasted him for what he considers to be his culture. Mr Zuma had a meeting with British journalists yesterday and was asked not one question about his private life”.

He also added that Zuma did not “appreciate reading things which he considers are patronising to his culture” and claimed that it was obvious that “his comments will have no bearing on the state visit.” The President, according to Magwneya, looks forward to the visit and will continue with the full schedule.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s principal opposition party, stated that the reports in the British newspapers did not warrant Zuma’s lashing out at Britain.

Kenneth Mubu, of the opposing political party said, said: “Instead of rising above predictable criticism from a particular quarter of the British press, he has allowed himself to be dragged down to the level of the tabloids. By accusing the British people of believing that Africans are barbaric and inferior, he has insulted his hosts, and no doubt undermined the entire purpose of the state visit – which is to strengthen relations between South Africa and the United Kingdom.”

The youth sector of the African National Congress supported the President. It expressed its disgust at the British reports.

“British media seem to have developed a habit of rubbishing our president and constantly portray him as barbaric and of inferior belonging,” the youth league said. “It is quite apparent that the British media is the one that is characterised and defined by the worst form of barbarism, backwardness and racism. These British racists continue to live in a dreamland and sadly believe that Africans are still their colonial subjects, with no values and principles. They believe that the only acceptable values and principles in the world are British values of whiteness and subjugation of Africans,” stated the party.

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Container Shipping Companies: The Way Cargo Gets Moved Across The Oceans

Container Shipping Companies: the Way Cargo Gets Moved Across the Oceans


John J. Anderson

Whether you re moving a household, a business or tons of products or equipment, shipping companies provide the vessels necessary to get your cargo from point A across the ocean to point B. These moves are often referred to as container shipping, because in most cases, all cargo is hauled in various sized containers designed to carry specific types of items.Cargo transport agencies can be found at ports the three United States coasts Pacific, Atlantic and the Mexican gulf. Those that ship to multiple destinations are normally located at any point on the side of the country on which the continents they ship to are located. For example, a shipper that transports to Europe will have its fleet parked on the Atlantic coast, and a company that sends cargo to Asia will be headquartered in a state bordered by the Pacific Ocean.Transport companies with more targeted destinations will be located in a costal area most proximal to where their ships go. Shippers who send cargo to the Caribbean, for example, are typically located in coastal cities in Florida.There are three primary types of activities shipping firms are engaged in: general cargo shipping, vehicle shipping and vessel charters.General Cargo ShippingThis is the biggest part of the business for most shipping fleets. They are hired by companies, government agencies and private individuals to get necessary cargo across the water. Most shippers have convenient pick-up and drop-off points and use advanced tracking technology to monitor each vessel while it s underway.While this high-tech world has afforded us many advantages in our business and private lives, no one has yet to find a way to transport a 12-ton turbine engine from America to England without using a ship. Transport companies have a variety of ship sizes and container styles that can carry virtually anything including another ship.Vehicle ShippingThis is how auto manufacturers get their cars across the ocean. Fleet transport companies have special protocols for safety any time their ships are carrying vehicles. This includes when transporting vehicles of private individuals who are relocating overseas.Vessel ChartersPeople who need shipping services and have experienced crews who can handle the operation have the option of renting a transport vessel and seeing to the process themselves. This is an economical move for a company that ships regularly but doesn t want to go to the huge expense of purchasing its own ship.In summary, shipping companies provide the method for getting cargo of all kinds across the oceans. They re located along all three U.S. coasts, based on their target destinations. Transport fleets serve export companies, government agencies and private individuals.

John J. Anderson is a freelance writer interested in Trailer Bridge, a Jacksonville, Fla., agency that is a recognized leader among

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container shipping companies

serving islands within the Caribbean. Learn more about

international auto shipping

service at

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Fall ’08 styles at New York Fashion Week: the ’70s are back

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The fourth day of New York Fashion Week debuted few daring designs even from designers known for such work. With few exceptions, the overwhelming theme was “old is new” and that the ’70s were even more in fashion than the shows on Sunday suggested. Among the designers to unveil their Fall 2008 lines on Monday were Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Betsey Johnson, Proenza Schouler and a rejuvenated Halston line, under the direction of designer Marco Zanini.

Both global warming and the slowing economy have been cited as reasons for the overwhelming use of lighter fabrics over heavier attire. Also, retro designs and continuing trends have been used in effort to save money, like the tights that were expected to go out of fashion this year. Even in the glamorous world of high-end fashion, money has been tight, and with the world economies in a collective downturn, major designers have been more wary of continuing to churn out the stream of couture designs that past Fashion Weeks have seen.

Proenza Schouler’s show took the ’70s retro theme to a fever pitch, liberally using bows on designs and debuting more retro-era wide-legged pants that were first seen in Sunday’s shows. Zanini’s Halston label also brought back the ’70s, resurrecting old designs that the founder of the line made famous. Since the designer Halston’s death in 1990, many designers have tried to take the label in different directions. Zanini’s unveiling on Monday brought the line back to its Studio 54 roots, while using trenchcoats, sheer fabrics, and cardigans to finish the ensembles with a modern twist.

Betsey Johnson also debuted old and new styles on Monday, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her fashion label. Copies of her original 1978 one-piece bathing suit as well as some early 1980s fashions started off the show. Her new pieces, such as animal print leggings coupled with a short twill jacket, were perceived as very skintight and criticized for not representing more fuller figures. Johnson brushed off the criticism, noting, “It’s tighter and sexier, but I still believe the girl brings the sex to the clothes…You won’t look sexy in a tight, below-the-knee skirt if you don’t feel good in it.”

The lone daring designer for the day was Carolina Herrera, who discarded the furs she promoted in the Fall 2007 show to focus on a Peter Pan theme, with earth tones and bird feathers. To further the “flying Peter Pan” motif, models donned such designs as a chiffon dress with ostrich feathers and a taffeta gown with a feather waistband.

Oscar de la Renta opted for more traditional blacks, golds and grays, debuting lines for men and women in fabrics he is familiar with. Men were outfitted in tweed while women were fitted in dresses that experimented with embroidery and tulle, both shades of past collections.

New York Fashion Week runs until Friday. Among others, labels Badgley Mischka, Diesel, and Vivienne Tam unveil their newest collections on Tuesday.

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