Childhood And Teen Aging: From Bean Bag Toss To Crushes

By William U. Steinmetz

About a quarter of our lives is spent on pre-adulthood years, but these are the 18 most crucial years of human development. People, unlike animals do not only develop physically, but mentally, emotionally, socially and psychologically as well. This is why, unlike the animal species, typical laws of nature do not apply to us, save for the really fundamental ones like eating, sleeping, breathing etc.

The point is, there is more to human beings than their biological makeup. While it may be an impossible feat to dissect all there is to this complicated organism, there are at least some points of commonalities for all men in the stages of their growth.

Mans growth and development may be divided into three major categories, the childhood, adolescent and adulthood. Everything else may fall in between these stages or may serve as the boundaries, the threshold of crossing from one stage to the next. While most of the years are lived by man as an adult, the small quarter of his life spent as a child and an adolescent is actually the most crucial one in his development. It is where most of mans foundational character develops and are thus referred to as the growth years of man.


During childhood, which is typically from age 5 to 10, its the physical aspect in man that is growing at a fast rate. At this point, the person should have already ideally developed basic locomotive skills like walking and moving his or her hands, thus during childhood this develops more along with the growth and strengthening of his or her body parts. In line with this, the child who should be in school must also start developing his or her mental capabilities. This can be done with subjects like basic math, basic language skills, basic arts and crafts and etc. More importantly, what signifies childhood from all the other stages is the concept of play.

While playing in the adult stages may take the form of recreational sports, childhood holds a less serious type of playing and more an area to expend their creative and explosive energies. Of course underlying these games are also many aids to developing their locomotive skills and their mental agility. For example games such as the bean bag toss where not only are they to throw corn hole bags but also figure out strategies to increase their scoring. The bean bag toss is just one of the games that achieve this underlying development of mental and physical agility.

The next stage of human development, which is the adolescent stage or in layman terms, the teenage years, elevates to a more complicated type of development. While it may no longer be the stage for bean bag toss, this stage has now more on the psychological development of the teen, in accordance with the development of his bodily hormones. This stage is signified with the change in a persons perception of the opposite sex. They begin to recognize that this is the stage where the opposite sex is someone who can more than be a friend.

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