Benefits Of Becoming An Accounting Clerk

By Sean Goudelocks

There are a number of benefits of becoming an accounting clerk whether at a small company or a large corporation. One of the main benefits is being able to learn accounting without having to pursue a four year degree. Another major benefit is being able to have practical knowledge of accounting which is extremely important to many employers. There are many additional benefits that can allow individuals to reap serious rewards for having a minimum amount of qualifications. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

One of the best perks to becoming a clerk for the accounting department at any major company is the pay. High school graduates with a decent educational record and limited to no experience can make between $28,000 to $32,000 a year. This rate of pay can increase after individuals have additional training or if individuals have obtained an undergraduate degree. The pay scale often increases for individuals who have been at the company for a long period of time. The longer an individual works with one organization, the more likely they are to see their salary increase.


Another excellent perk for accounting clerks is continuing education. Many employers are willing to pay for their employees to attend further education in their field. Clerks are often able to take classes at night or online with the cost being reimbursed to them by their employer. This can mean a large cost savings for employees who are looking to go to business school. Best of all, many employers do not make employees continue to work with them after they take these classes. Employees are free to continue with the same company or they may peruse a position elsewhere.

Clerks also work with some very influential people in powerful companies. Whether a clerk is working for the accounts receivable department of the FedEx corporation or the clerk is working with the payroll department of Bank of America, Fortune 500 companies hire hundreds or thousands of clerks to assist with their day to day needs. Many executives like to visit these departments to create a positive public image. This can help many new clerks who are beginning at a company to network as well as learn more about the industry they work in. Clerks often are able to move up the ladder quickly as long as they understand the basics of the industry that they work in.

Accounting clerks are one of the few entry level jobs that can be made into a very profitable career. While many high school graduates hear that they have to go to college in order to be successful, clerks are able to prove them wrong. This position is available for students as soon as they graduate from high school and can generate a decent living. However, employees also qualify for some unique privileges such as tuition reimbursement and other perks such as health insurance and retirement savings plans. Best of all, there is room for advancement within the company for employees!

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Revealing 3 Sure Shot Workplace Trends For The Decade

Clearly, the way organisations work has changed in the past decade to a shockingly great extent. This drastic change came across as a result of a series of changes. Realising the true value of employees, automating the business functions to save time are the most apparent ones.

To say the least, it was easy earlier to manage the workforce as the employees’ say was overlooked and the policies were rigid. As time passed and the needs of the employees started drawing more and more attention, policies started becoming more and more flexible and employees happier. Hence, as we have now entered a new decade, the future of work starts to look a lot more different in terms of culture and trends. And so, we thought of predicting a few of the workplace trends that we might witness round the year.

Employee wellness-The health of your employees directly impacts the health of your business. If you want to mushroom your business rapidly, you must take care of the health of your workforce. The definition of health is now not just limited to physical health but mental and emotional health as well. Various professional and personal factors influence the health of individuals. This is why it is necessary for you to expand the idea of health benefits to mental health checkups, and therapists.

2020 will be the year for companies to begin their actions in this direction. They will start factoring this as well in thepayroll software in India while configuring the CTC.

Employee experience-The percentage of millennials and Gen Z is increasing in most of the industries. And they want the policies, culture and space to be more and more flexible and comforting. Not only do they prefer to work from home on the days they feel lazy but also want the work desk to be flexible. Nothing should make them feel restricted. Hence, this decade and not just 2020 will become more and more about the employees, their demands, expectations, likings, dislikings and more. All of this would be done with the aim to keep the retention rate high, the attrition rate low and the hiring costs minimal. We can also expect a feature in the HR and payroll software that allows the employees to leave suggestions, and rate company anonymously.

More diversity and inclusion-Upholding values, becoming more and more socially responsible is the key to attracting great employees, making them proud of working with you and making them stick to you. So, the companies in this decade will try to keep the gender ration in check, be more welcoming towards the LGBTQ community and not differentiate amongst people on the basis of age, caste, disability or status.

Another workplace trend that we cannot miss is the rising culture of the gig economy. This economy is inclined more and more towards hiring people as freelancers. This progressively rising economic culture is going to be on the rise in this decade as it will cut a lot of costs for the company and thus help them save a lot of money. For instance, sometimes you may have a requirement for more designers but not always. So, to cope up with times like these, companies will increasingly start leveraging the gig economy. This means that when there is more work, they can avail the services of the freelancer, pay him for the time he has worked. A lot of money and office space of the company is saved this way.

Apart from the aforementioned ones, automation, especially in theHR Software in India and Payroll management software, will continue to make its mark in the decades to come. Moreover, employees will demand more and more work-life balance. So, these were the workplace trends that we see coming in and progressing with time by the end of the decade- Brace yourselves!

How To Reenergize A Stale Brand

By Stephen Turner

Many smart business owners have an aggressive and thorough “branding” strategy.

They communicate regularly with customers, work on product and service messaging and development, and re-do their website, sales material, blogs, social media and marketing pieces on a regular basis.

Still many companies overlook the entire concept of branding. While they may re-do a website, or change their brochure, they fail to grasp the concept that their brand is an entire customer experience, not just a logo or newly designed ad in a magazine.

The “brand” is the entire process of how a business works with a client, from original attraction, to product/service development and placement, to ongoing follow-up and customer relations.

The real branding process begins not by creating a new sales piece but by analyzing your business practices and client relationships.

Do your customers believe they are getting fair value for what you offer?


If your products seem to be out of touch with the marketplace you need to determine what can you do to change them.

Can you improve packaging, service delivery or the product itself? Is price an issue? Can you deliver on what you promise?

Once you have fulfilled your customer promise, you then can take a good look at your marketing materials. Is your logo modern looking and attractive or look like something out of the 1950s?

Does your website provide key information your customers need in a fast easy-to-read manner?

Can customers find your website easily when they do an online search? If you use brochures make sure they look clean and professional with current information.

Thirdly, analyze how you sell your goods and services.

If you use a sales staff do they represent your firm in a professional manner? Do they dress appropriately and show-up for appointments on time? Do you they receive constant training and management support or are they allowed to just flounder along?

Your salesperson will be the first contact your prospective customer will have with your company and immediately he/she will form an opinion whether it be good or bad.

Fourth, do some research and ascertain how the general business community perceives your company.

If sales are weak and you’ve done no advertising or public relations in quite some time most businesses probably have no opinion about your company.

In fact in all likelihood most have never heard of it.

To restart your brand invest in advertising and a public relations campaign. Develop a plan that reaches your target audience. Some tactics may include joining boards of organizations, sponsoring events, securing articles in various publications, and communicating with your audience via online news sites and social groups.

Fifth, follow-up with customers and make sure they are happy with product and service delivery. In today’s fast-paced environment receiving a call or email inquiring about customer satisfaction can separate your firm from the rest of the pack.

In a small company that call or email can come from top management. In a larger company it may come from the head of customer service or customer service rep.

The ability to sell and market a good product in a professional manner, follow-through with excellent customer service, and give-back to your community by playing an active role in groups and charitable organizations, is the best way to enhance your brand or reenergize a stale one.

About the Author: Stephen Turner is a Principal with Solomon/Turner, a St. Louis Public Relations firm. Solomon/Turner works with clients on a national and regional basis as well as in the St. Louis, MO area. The firm offers a variety of PR and marketing services. Contact

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California Workers Comp Rate Guarantee

By Dennis Jarvis

Granted, we help California companies find, quote, and secure Workers Comp every day but we’re also a California business ourselves. Conversely, we need to have our own benefits in terms of health insurance and liability insurance such as Workers Comp ourselves. We’re very well versed in company insurance but other facets of protecting our business is completely foreign to us (billing systems, etc). We face the same issue that California companies run into when shopping for Workers Comp insurance in California. How do we know we are securing the best rate for the best coverage. We don’t personally have a relative or friend in those businesses. Luckily we have found trusted advisors (after some definite dead-ends we won’t discuss) who help us in these various business related purchases and our goal is simple…make sure to get the best rate on the market for solid coverage that actually works when needed. Here’s our rate guarantee.

We promise the best rate with each carrier for company’s Workers Comp

You will not find a better rate on the California workers comp market from a given carrier based on your company’s situation. Workers Comp agencies or providers do not discount pricing so you can rest assured that you are getting the best rate available. That’s the first piece of our best Workers Comp rate guarantee…an implicit promise that we secure the best rates from any given carriers but that’s only half of the promise.


We will quote multiple carriers against each other all from one form

Some agents will only shop your rates to one carrier and of course, a single carrier will only quote their rates. As with all insurance, the power of using a Workers Comp agent like us is that we shop across multiple carriers..generally up to 3 carriers simultaneously. To not do so is to pay too much potentially and that minimizes our potential power to save you money. For this reason, we quote multiple strong carriers and present the best rate offer. Keep in mind that the actual coverage or benefits for California Workers Comp insurance is virtually identical so pricing and carrier strength/claims processing become the critical concerns.

We will help you develop a Workers Comp track record that leads to future savings

There’s another huge reason to quote multiple carriers when applicable (a company qualify for private coverage) which pertains to a quirk of Workers Comp in California. Different carriers have certain “sweet spots” of pricing depending on the type of industry you’re in and your claims experience. Some carriers will price certain industries very high while offering discounts for others. There’s no way to know which is which without years of experience. We’ll be able to look at your company’s industry and present/past worker’s comp status to find the best fit for quoting insurance. Even if we’re just dealing with the State Fund for newer companies or riskier industries, the pricing is the same to you but we can help you navigate the process and craft a worker’s comp history that might open up the less expensive private market to us later on. You can use our expertise to address safety practices and standards that pave the way to future savings once we have a solid track record. We don’t want to just quote you Workers Comp…we want to help you qualify for better rates going forward. That’s what we consider as being a partner and our solid rate guarantee detailed above wouldn’t be complete without it.

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agent with extensive knowledge of the California workers comp market.

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Relocation Tax Assistance How To Optimize Your Companys Relocation Tax Assistance Policy

By Pat Thompson

A Substantial And Often Hidden Expense

Tax assistance is an expensive and sometimes hidden cost of corporate relocation programs. In fact, its the third most expensive benefit in a relocation program, on average, after home sale and household goods. More specifically, the 2008 Worldwide ERC Transfer Volume and Cost Survey reported that it cost an average $76,600 to move an existing employee, of which more than 10% was spent on employee tax assistance benefits. It can cost more to provide tax assistance than to pay for an employees house hunting, temporary living and final trip expenses combined! Since relocation tax assistance is a corporate benefit and not a legal requirement, we often ask our clients if their companys tax assistance policy is one size fits all or if their policy takes into consideration key factors such as employees unique tax profiles such as annual salary, filing status, the number of dependents they have, and the ages of their dependents.

The Importance Of Proportional Relocation Compensation

Companies with a one-size-fits-all tax assistance policy apply the same tax rates to entry-level, middle management and executive transferees. This can result in paying an entry-level employee too much, which puts a burden on the companys bottom line. Conversely, this approach can result in compensating an executive too little, which places a burden on human resources and payroll departments. While theres no single correct way to calculate tax assistance, this is an area where employers can strive for a company policy that is accurate, fair and cost-effective while taking into consideration other important factors such as corporate culture, industry norms and budgetary issues. Generally speaking, the more accurate a tax assistance policy is, the more cost-effective it will be.


Minimizing Your Companys Relocation Tax Exposure

Company-paid relocation is a substantial benefit for your employees on multiple levels professional, personal and financial. But every benefit has a cost, and in the case of corporate relocation, these costs can be considerable. Although relocation tax costs are unavoidable, they can be minimized with a properly structured relocation policy and compliance with basic IRS guidelines.

Using Tax Laws To Reduce Moving Costs

Its a fact that tax assistance benefits cost an average 55-60 cents for every dollar of taxable relocation expense. In other words, a $10,000 lump sum payment could result in $5,500 to $6,000 of tax assistance costs. While potentially substantial, these charges can be mitigated: By properly structuring relocation benefits, taking advantage of relocation-friendly tax laws and customizing tax assistance policy to the needs of transferring employees, companies can control and potentially reduce tax assistance costs.

Closing Cost Reimbursement: An Easily Reduced Expense

While structured home sale programs have become the norm, many companies still take the more traditional approach of reimbursing their employees for closing costs after the home is sold. This is the most expensive and most easily avoided tax approach a company can take: Considering the average cost of tax assistance, a direct reimbursement program can result in $14,400 in unnecessary tax assistance benefits on the sale of a $300,000 home.

How Qualified Home Sale Programs Can Lower Unnecessary Tax Benefits

In November 2005, the IRS validated the long-held relocation industry position that qualified home sale programs result in no taxable income to relocating employees. However, this ruling came with 11 key elements that must be followed in order to qualify. Corporations can meet IRS guidelines for qualified home sales by using an agent to facilitate two separate and distinct real estate transactions that comply with the key elements addressed in the IRS ruling.

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