Advantages And Disadvantages To Bonds

By Penny Lane

If you have ever been arrested or know someone that has been arrested, you know what a stressful time it can be. Depending on what was done to cause this, it can be life altering and it can be a very frightening experience. Having loved ones sent to jail for something they did is very stressful as well because you do not know how long they have to be there and if they have to be there for an extended period of time, you can start to feel helpless; no one wants to see someone they love spend years sitting in a jail cell. Fortunately, there are bail bonds. A bail bond allows you or your family member to get their freedom back before they have to show up for their hearing.

Every time someone is arrested, a bail amount is set. If the person being arrested is a minor or does something little such as a misdemeanor, the bail amount might not be much. However, if the crime committed was a felony, the bail amount could be a lot worse. If you do not have the money to pay for these amounts, you may have to contact a professional and get these bonds. What they do is the set a certain amount so that you only pay a fraction of the bond price. They basically let the court know that you will be showing up for your court date.


Some people do not deserve to get out of jail no matter how much money they have. If you have heard of someone who has been in and out of jail and they keep making the same mistakes, then they should probably not have the opportunity to get out of their jail sentence. Other people, however, make mistakes and learn from them. If you have not paid your parking tickets and you are arrested for that, you may get a small bond and you may have to make an agreement for paying those tickets back, but that offense is not something that will be physically harmful to anyone.

If someone commits a crime that is harmful to someone, for instance if they rob someone armed or they physically harm someone, these people should have larger bail amounts. There are some benefits to bonds and some disadvantages. First of all, if you have made a mistake and you know never to commit that crime again, then you should have access to these as long as you show up to court. If someone dangerous gets a hold of these bonds, it puts other people’s lives in danger because it gives these people access to freedom that they should not have.

Again, getting arrested is something that can be easily avoided. If you make a mistake and cannot pay the bail and you need to continue going to work, you can have access to these. As long as you go to court, you will be fine, but if you do not, the bond company will be responsible for paying part of your bond and they will most likely track you down.

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The Simple Way I Plan For Penn State Football Match Ups

The Simple Way I Plan For Penn State Football Match Ups


Dylan Vanland

There are 7 days annually that i absolutely love. Those are the 7 home games that Penn State plays football at State College, Pennsylvania. I have been going to these types of games since I was in college, and its just been the program for me and my loved ones for many years. We do not skip a game if possible.


Seeing a game in Happy Valley is special. The environment is as fine as it gets in college football. State College, Pennsylvania is right in the center of the state of Pennsylvania, and as you descend into the city, this feels like everyone in the state is actually arriving next to you. You certainly feel that way whenever you appear in the car parking lots and see the RVs and tailgaters as far as the eye is able to see. My personal routine gets going early on in the morning as I get myself and my loved ones outfitted in Penn State apparel. Personally, I never attend PSU football games without having wearing my good fortune Penn State jersey. Because I like to sit down within or close to the college student area, and they have a custom of putting on white for the Penn State White Out effect, I’ve got a white Penn State football jersey. My wife has a Penn State ladies jersey and my kids have Penn State youth jerseys. Though the gear doesn’t stop with jerseys, because there’s a lot more. If it is chilly, we may layer up with a Penn State sweatshirt too. A fleece one is ideal in the event that it is a cold late in the season game. White, blue, or even gray Penn State sweatshirts tend to be good too, I’ve got them all in my wardrobe. My family and I additionally possess PSU hats, t-shirts, and overcoats, so whatever Penn State equipment is needed for that days situation, we now have. Next, all of us stock up the car with tailgating equipment. The most important products would be the basic: chairs, grill, coolers, food, and drinks. I have a Penn State Chair which Ive had forever that i bring to every game, and I personally use it extensive prior to and after games. We now have about a 2 hour drive to State College, therefore all of us generally depart about 6-7 hours prior to kick-off. Weve had the same parking spot in State College for many years, and it is where we tail gate with our fellow Penn State enthusiasts. We like to get there early to set up the barbeque grill, furniture, chairs, and a few games (we love to play corn hole). Luckily, we have other tailgaters with a portable satellite television dish and Tvs to ensure that we are able to watch all the morning college football games (especially Big 10 games) whilst preparing for that large game. The main part of tailgating is mingling with close friends, however meals preparation and consumption is important as well. We turn up the barbeque grill early and keep it going all day. Usually multiple types of meats get tossed on, personally I like any kind of red meat to go with my adult drink during tailgating. Dont forget to have ample ice and mixers. Tailgating is actually enjoyable, however I always remind everyone that the key reason we are there is for the game. I love to be in Beaver Stadium twenty minutes prior to kick-off. This allows me to soak in all the pre-game festivities, like the clubs running out on the field, Joe Paternos entrance, and the actual amazing sound of 100,000 fans screaming Lets Go.Penn State. These are my personal favorite seven days of the year.

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