Aging Baby Boomers Products: 8 Benefits Of The Baby Boomer Peel

By Rhonda Allison

The baby boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, now make up an estimated 80 million people in the United States. Boomers grew up in an era when terms like sun protection factor, free radicals and antioxidants were non-existent. Now, many are facing the damaging effects of sun exposure, environmental toxins and stress as well as the effects of fast paced lifestyle choices. Fortunately, because we are now living in a time of significant advancements in skin care, baby boomers can substantially reverse these detrimental aging effects.

Top in youth-oriented treatments and products is the Baby Boomer Peel, specially formulated for the specific challenges faced by those between the ages of 43 and 63. If you are looking for aging baby boomers products, here are 8 benefits of the Baby Boomer Peel:

No Surgery or Downtime

By using safe, superficial chemical peels specially formulated for baby boomers, you may not have to resort to plastic surgery which is not only expensive but requires extensive healing time. With a peel, baby boomers will look younger, feel younger and live younger without surgery.



Exfoliation is the key to youthful skin. Peels formulated for baby boomers gently lift away layers of dead, damaged skin cells to reveal fresher, softer skin with fewer lines and smaller pores.

Skin Stimulation

This peel will also stimulate the skin, encouraging new, healthy cells to travel upward to reveal moist, pink, renewed skin. In addition, increased blood flow from the stimulation also brings needed nutrients to the skin.

Diminished Crow’s Feet and Lines around the Mouth

A major benefit of the Baby Boomer Peel is how easily the fine lines and crow’s feet diminish with proper treatment.

More Even Skin Tone

Baby Boomer Peels even skin tone, lessening sun and age spots and creating a younger, smoother and more refined texture.

Increased Circulation

Increased circulation due to the peels brings vitality to tiny blood vessels responsible for tissue respiration, which brings more oxygen to the skin.

Firmer Skin

By using a peel specially formulated for baby boomers, slackened tissue becomes firmer and more toned, which is especially important for the jowl and neck areas.

Stronger Skin

Baby boomer peels also strengthen skin tissue, allowing the skin to take on a healthier, more youthful glow. Healthy, youthful skin is the envy of any attractive man or woman, regardless of age. As we age, it is important to strengthen our skin with skin peels so that we can achieve this more attractive, more beautiful look.

By utilizing natural ingredients partnered with scientifically developed compounds, baby boomer peels can turn back the hands of time, undoing years of damage from the sun and other sources. Aggressive peeling may occur in the first week and the appearance of the skin will continue to improve for the next few weeks, resulting in fewer fine lines and skin discolorations as well as a reduction in pore size. Offered in a range of specific peelings, baby boomer peels are especially geared for the boomer generation to refresh, revitalize, renew and protect the skin.

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Choose Your Cosmetic Dentist With Care

Choose Your Cosmetic Dentist with Care


Chatswood Dental

Though we brush teeth and floss regularly, some dental problems still find a way to bother us. However, with the technology advancements, conventional dental issues have been solved very easily. For regular dental care, choosing a dentist is very easy but for the cosmetic dentistry solutions, selecting a professional dentist is a little trickier. Generally, when one is looking for a cosmetic dentist, he or she may have a particular procedure in mind; be it porcelain veneers or anti snoring. For some dental procedures like dental extraction, a sedation dentist may also be required. So, looking for a clinic that has experienced professionals should be the first priority of patient.

Ideal cosmetic dentists in Melbourne will first make meeting with you, listen your dental problems and then find the best solutions for it. You may have to make some separate visit for dental extraction and porcelain veneers and make impressions as well. Without a set of teeth, you might feel shame to go anywhere. To improve appearance and also to feel confident while talking with other ones, many people make a decision to go toward cosmetic dentistry solutions. For an effective dental crown, the right shape is required. Professional dentists focus on your needs and your desires and should not try to force their opinions on you.


Presence or lack of the smile is the first thing that people notice about you. Professional cosmetic dentists always offer a comprehensive and innovative treatment to make sure an improved smile. Prior to going through treatment with them, you should consider few important things. Is the dentist well known in the community? Many dentists conduct personal investigation regarding the cosmetic dental procedure you would like to carry out. Prior to offering you a final touch, he considers your facial contours. Some dentists also offer anti snoring solutions.

Teeth bleaching or whitening would also be a form of cosmetic work from dental hygienist, as would be crowns, bridges, teeth implants, dental extraction for tooth ache, cosmetic fillings, porcelain veneers, and having teeth straightened with braces. A cosmetic dentist must have an extensive post graduate training in the dentistry. He or she would also be able to show before and after images of their work. Thousands of patients have improved their smile by carrying out one of above procedures. Once after getting such cosmetic dental work, they meet and greet with other people with a friendly smile. Cosmetic dentists also help you if you have any concerns regarding the procedure.

Cosmetic dentists can not only whiten your all teeth, they can also fix them if these are not perfectly straight or not even with other ones. Some of them also offer people with anti snoring solutions. To improve the smile of their client, they would do anything whether it is porcelain veneers or implants after dental extraction. Sometimes, many people get such services from their family dentist. However, it is best to go for a cosmetic dentist to maintain the normal look of your teeth. Hiring them requires serious consideration and one should take time to carefully evaluate them and choose accordingly.

We are well established dental clinic in Chatswood, Sydney. We are providing dental treatments like anti snoring, porcelain veneers and teeth straightening at our clinic.

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