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How To Make Successful Nba Bets?

Format of the tournament

The League is composed of 30 teams which are equally divided on the Western and Eastern Conferences. The conference includes 3 divisions with 5 clubs in each. The regular championship consists of 82 rounds.

The winners of the divisions and 5 teams with the best winning percentage get into the play-off. The struggle lasts up to 4 wins. The representatives of different Conferences take different nets and will meet only at final match.

Peculiarities of NBA betting online

First of all, you need to get acquainted with the rules. The basketball quarter lasts 12 minutes, nit 10. Also zone defense is forbidden and this fact simplifies the actions of the attacking teams. Basketball association is constantly supporting financially its clubs. The difference in class of the favorites and underdogs is not as large as in European Leagues. 30% of the matches end with the winning of an underdog.

60% of winnings are gained by the hosts of the basketball court. 60% But don’t rely on brands as at a distance the margin will “eat” the part of the profit. Search for deeper regularities and bet on handicaps.

NBA is good for total bets. Bookmakers propose the action line up to 15 steps of total in both side and the margin doesn’t exceed 4 %.

One month before the start of the season, the clubs spend preseason games. The team plays 6-10 games which purpose is to estimate the basketball players and tactical progress. Such matches create the model of a game for a forthcoming season.

Winning series seldom last more than 10 matches. If your bank is huge enough use Dogon. Or, better , join the game when the team has won 5-7 times in a row.

The last team of a previous championship can become a leader in a year. Use statistics only of a current season.

Useful regularities of NBA betting

Important matches are usually played on total under. If we compare with regular championship, fewer goals are scored at play-off. The sportsmen are focused on defense and don’t risk. The tendency is the same during the first matches of a season.

Score 0:2 in a series is a verdict. NHL hockey players go further having lost two or three games in a row. But at NBA, the team that got such advantage was able to reach the next round only in 93-95% of cases. The score 0:2 had happened 280 times but only 18 times the team was able to win back.

The teams that have renewed their squads during the shoulder period, don’t demonstrate their perfect game during the opening match. The freshers need some time for adaptation as basketball demands team-work.

Bets on NBA winner

3-4 teams usually give points to other participants of the League by a level of game. Golden State Warriors, Cleveland and San Antonio regularly fight for the title. But shootouts are unpredictable that is why while making the prediction on the winner of the tournament, work, at least, with 10-12 pretenders.

Over the history of tournament, the competition was won by 17 teams out of 30. If the winner is clear at play-off, then the bets are like lottery. Especially when the equal teams are fighting for the title. Think about the bets on leader of the Conference or Division or just agree to bet that the team will get into the play-off stage.

NBA basketball betting strategy

Zig Zag theory is used for betting on play-off. Even Top clubs don’t win all the time and due to this fact some amazing outcome can happen. The matter is that you bet on a team that has lost the previous match. After the failure, the team is figuring out the mistakes and tactics diligently and the players are serious.

This factor is taken into consideration by the experts of bookmakers. The club is winning over the rivals but instead of increasing the handicap during the next meeting, it is the same or even slightly decreased. The same situation at the regular championship leads to increase of handicap at 2-3 points.

Strategy is good for competitive matches. Ignore the events with obvious favorite even if it is not marked at coefficients. Ill -judged bets won’t become successful. Don’t over – and underestimate the team.


Except unique peculiarities and regularities the NBA betting has its advantages:

– Regularity of events – every day during the season;

– Wide line and margin 3-4% on popular markets;

– A lot of information and statistics for analysis;

Bookmakers analyses NBA matches and that is why the bets have also some disadvantages:

– Ideal line of value coefficients;

– Tendencies are changing rapidly that is why there are no long-term strategies.

Bear in mind all regularities of the tournament, keep to the strategies you have chosen and analyze every choice. Don’t be afraid to use American resources.

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To Regulate Or To Ban Online Gambling Games

Gambling has always been a part of our gaming since times immemorial, needless to remind the Indian epic, the Mahabharatha. Since then it took so many forms and shapes to be an integral part of gaming. Recently, and especially post lockdown, there has been a huge shift in the Indian gaming industry. The improvement in infrastructure facilities, the increase in internet consumption by people and the exposure for a wide range of games opened the door for online gambling and betting. This has seen the evolution of several new games like online rummy, poker, cricket fantasy games, etc and given a chance to entrepreneurs across the world to expand their territory in the Indian market with the help of game outsourcing companies like RubixQ. But are all of them legal?

In July 2020, a 20-year-old parlour employee who makes tattoos had to hang himself for not being able to pay the 20,000 that he lost on a gaming app. This isn’t the first time such incidents happened. The addiction to gambling, be it offline or online, has the capability of ruining a person’s life and eventually after the debts mount upon them, it can lead to any drastic decisions like suicides. It is the reason why high courts across the states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, decided to ban online gambling games proactively before the number of such incidents rises. In September 2020, Andhra Pradesh government declared online gambling to be illegal. Instead of banning them, it made such activities an offence and people can be prosecuted when caught playing. These moves are made in a manner to scare people from gambling than preventing them altogether.

The Indian gaming laws categorize games broadly into two types – the game of skill and the game of chances wherein the latter comes into the gambling. This is the reason why Google had to pull out Paytm from the play store a while back, for violating the gambling policies and being the games of chances, whereas apps like Dream 11 are considered as games of skill. The Central government has no jurisdiction for gambling, the legislation of betting and gamblings lies in the hands of state governments and most of them have an exemption for games of skill. Recently Maharashtra government went to the Supreme Court to redefine what a game of skill is and what a game of chance is, and where the fantasy games fall under. The supreme court took up this and asked for a detailed report on it. If it passes the rule in the favour of fantasy games, that industry blooms like never before. Otherwise, they have to shut down.

Also, there’s another discussion floating around for having caps on gambling like 100 or 200 a day and there’ll be a cap for winning too accordingly. When the winnings are huge like in lakhs, the cap can increase up to 5,000 – 10,000. But then, the argument here is for the category of taxation for these games. If the winnings are in lakhs, though the companies are paying GSTs, the tax paid by winners is considerably less. So, they are looking at increasing this to a higher rate of tax for these activities.

According to research, the gaming industry in India is almost worth $150billions and in the worst-case scenario, corporates involved in it would only want regulations, not bans. For example, horse racing bettings are regulated, casinos in Goa and Sikkim are regulated. There’s another angle to this whole debate – psychological impact. There was a case where a college student of age 23, got addicted to gambling and eventually caught stealing, lying, losing control to end gambling sessions, getting unreasonably angry, etc. According to health experts, gambling is a behavioural addiction and it has its side effects of eating into the regular areas of functions. It can result in anxiety, impulse control issues, anger management issues, etc. So, with mental health being at stake, the ban is justified.

In economics point of view, legalization of these games with nuanced regulations and reasonable taxations can be effective, as governments can then have control over those activities. Otherwise, gamblings can happen in any form or manner and hoard a lot of black money that go unnoticed. There are some international examples like the UK Gambling Act of 2005 where they have a licensing regime for the 4-5 game categories. However, considering the facts that the industry is still in a nascent stage and the huge number of players, it is a strenuous task for governments to regulate the game of chances.