June 25, 2024

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When people plan for retirement, they usually allocate financial resources for the separation. This usually means some money or asset that is set aside to generate income, when the elder is not working any longer. Financial independence happens to be the goal for the planning of separation. After separation, several people do not have any plans for further working. They would rather spend their time with family or traveling. As age progresses, they are going to require increasing amount of care. Therefore, acquirement a retirement home should be part of the retirement planning.

Seniors who are capable of paying for themselves, can plan to go to retirement homes, as they are accommodations on rent and are owned privately. Seniors who can take care of themselves and need minimum care, will be best benefited. Certain services and social activities are provided by the accommodations and they permit independent living to the seniors.

Anyone can apply to these separation homes. They usually do not insist on a medical report for the minimum care requirement. However some assessment may be done to ensure that the support required by the elder can be provided.


The accommodation may provide a range of shared rooms, single rooms or bachelor apartments. There are considerable variations in the amenities provided. Some of the amenities are common, and are generally of the type of dining room and lounge or common room. Other amenities are rooms for social events and gatherings, swimming pool, library, chapel and beauty salons.

Homes will usually provide meals, laundry service, recreational programs, social programs, and housekeeping. The cost of the services like personal care, health care and housekeeping provided are significantly different between homes. For people who do not need nursing care, these homes for separation can be very advantageous options.

The choice for the services provided can be chosen as per wish. If you do not want meals, or housekeeping services, that is acceptable. If someone is going away on a long holiday, and wants to retain his residence, he may do so provided he pays his fees and rent regularly. However, a written note will become necessary, in case the leave is going to be permanent or indefinite.

The health Ministry does not regulate these services. However, you are under the protection of the act of tenant protection, once you have moved into the home, as the home owner has now become your landlord. The sanitation and water quality are looked after, along with accommodation and food preparation by the government. Once you decide to move to the home, the owner should offer you a lease agreement in writing and it must contain the pay terms including the conditions, and the information package of the home.

Generally the accommodation and services are all included into the package costs that these homes provide. Shared rooms are definitely cheaper than the single bedroom or single room accommodations. Payment of extra cost will usually get additional services. However, government does not subsidize these homes, and the retiree has to bear the entire cost of the care and accommodation. For this, acquirement a retirement home should be part of the retirement planning.

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